Real Estate and Transactional

Clark, Newton & Evans, P.A. Real Estate Team

has 30 years of proven skill and experience in the local real estate market, including investment, finance, acquisitions and development.  Our title searchers are some of the best in the area, and our skill has generated a great number of long-term clients, both private and institutional.  We represent not only families purchasing their own homes, but a number of commercial banks as well as Lender’s counsel.

On occasion, we  carry our client through the entire process of property identification, negotiation, financing, drafting of purchase or sale documents, examining the title, drafting of the construction contract, closing and ultimately, rental and sale agreements for the same property.

The law recognizes that every piece of real property is unique. As such, it is also true that no two real property transactions are exactly alike. Our team’s skill and experience afford our clients insight into the best way to procure, manage, lease and/or sell their particular tracts of real estate. Call and let us show you how much we can help you with these issues. As with our other clients, we hope you will be impressed.